A Hundred Grand to Spare…

Today, I got the most unusual spam mail ever.

I am a filmproducer and actress from such films like “Gangs of New York” and “Soundman” etc.

It begins in the way those Nigerian scams begin, with some rich fellow from Africa asking you to deposit some money so he can give you vast riches in return. But this is something else, right? Surely no scam for money…

There is a filmproject called “On the Roof”. I am an executive producer on it, meaning I found the financing for the film. We filmed it in 2001 or 2002 in Los Angeles. The film is a mixture between “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Shall we dance”. I had the female leadingrole in it.


I am looking for 100’000 Dollars for post-production. Are you interested in being an Executive Producer on this project or do you know of someone who would be? Or are you interested in providing editingfacility and an editor?

No way! It is a scam for money. Or something like that. But the sender, a woman called Eliane Chappuis, is for real. In her e-mail to an undisclosed number of recipients, she goes on about her acting carreer, but it seems that apart from some being an extra on Gangs of New York and despite her pretty face, her carreer has been stagnating for quite a while. And after watching her reel, a psychedelic edit of C movies excerpts, it’s kind of clear why that is: http://www.elianechappuis.ch/demoreels/actingdemoreel2008.html

Or maybe this is all some kind of viral marketing campaign for a Mulholland Drive kind of movie about her life, you know, the pretty actress from Switzerland, stranded in Hollywood, failing to get big, doing modelling and singing instead, then trying to restart her movie carreer by resurrecting a capsized 2002 B-movie that has been gathering dust in a basement for years…

Or maybe the 100 000 dollars will end up in the pockets of some kind of “cult leader” she mentioned in her biography? I have no idea.

Anyway, opening up this e-mail made my day 🙂 Do I feel bad about making fun of her? After all, she’s the daughter of a Vietnamese aristocrat! Well, attached to all of this was a huge 10 megabyte image.  A scan of a TV magazin cover. Whoever does this in a mass e-mail deserves no better…

Eliane Chappuis


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