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Fake Wide Aperture

Took 10 seconds of video with a gentle camera motion, stabilized and averaged 400 frames. If I’ve applied the formula correctly, this should be about f/0.04 (about 100mm diameter for the iPhone’s 3.85mm focal length). But due to rolling shutter and motion blur, the bokeh is ugly.


Bad Homer

Wisdom is knowing when to stop trying


Bad Batman

The stuff bad tattoos are made of – now available as graffiti:

Bad Batman Graffiti

Buckle Up


Kein Festtagsschmaus

Erneut macht das deutsche Lebensmittelgesetz all jenen einen Strich durch die Rechnung, die ihre Tanne nach Weihnachten nicht einfach wegwerfen wollten…

Nordmanntanne nicht essen

Lost and Found


Fashion Victim