Piwik Visitor Tracking

Let me introduce you to the great piece of open-source software that is tracking your every click around here. The traffic statistics of comp-fu, bildfehler and pfotenbild are created by Piwik, a free and transparent replacement for google analytics. I’ve been running it for a year now and it has matured considerably during the past few months. Right now, it doesn’t just show you which search engine and keywords have led visitors to your site, it also does this in real-time. The user interface is pretty and straight-forward and of course it will exclude your own visits from the statistics.

I don’t even use all of its features (it could also be used to set goals and track pre-defined paths across your site), but just the basic feature set is valuable enough. It allowed me to decide on the minimum screen resolution for my websites, whether to dive into the topic of iPad and iPhone-optimized CSS rules (result: not quite yet) and showed me useful keywords for the google adwords campaign that Pfotenbild is running. And it was easily integrated with WordPress and zenPhoto.


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