Looper: Closing a year of over-hyped sci-fi flicks.

Ok. Time-travel movies are impossible to get right. But come on… people have tried harder in the past.

Looper – the “next Matrix” or whatever it gets called in the hype machine that is cinema in 2012 – starts witty and fast, but its initial idea gets tangled up by time paradoxes and it gets slower and slower. The production design is nice, but the random outbursts of sadistic violence sickened me. Yes, Bruce Willis is bad-ass as always. But it feels like he was cast simply because Looper feels like a bad adaptation of Twelve Monkeys.

Instead of trying to evade time paradoxes, Looper’s script writers even go over the top in that they are introducing us to people with telekinetic abilities early on in the film. Then they completely forget about them and their implications on society for the rest of the movie (and about 30 years into the future).

Why not introduce fire-breathing dragons as well? If you can just get rid of time paradoxes at will and you already have X-Men in the movie… why not go ALL the way?

Still… 7 out of 10 for stylistically fusing the 1950s and 2040’s 🙂

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