Tool Color Labels for Fusion

So… Fusion doesn’t colorize its nodes as extensively as Nuke does. It only has basic color cues for loaders, savers, masks, particles, 3D. That’s all good but maybe you get bored or confused with the 2D part of your comp which is mostly gray. There is a tool colorization script that ships with Fusion, but it’s just a color picker.

Even before Nuke was widely available on the market, I had written a script to tag nodes with a small set of pre-defined labels – inspired by Mac OS. It was one of my first Fusion scripts and my first shot at IUP for user interfaces as well and I’ve just given it a larger update.

A while ago, Gregory Chalenko (aka Gringo) has published some tool defaults on vfxpedia. Besides modifying the default values of a slider here and there, they also define colors for tools based on their function in a way that reminds one of Nuke. Blurs, transform tools, warps, color corrections… the whole color scheme is nicely desaturated and doesn’t distract your eyes. My ToolColorLabels script on the other hand always had bright highlight colors that were meant to make important nodes stand out.

Version 2.0 of ToolColorLabels not only has some predefined colors taken from Gringo’s color scheme. It also has a new button that colorizes nodes based on what is defined in their default setting files. This is useful if you open a comp that hasn’t been created with your default color scheme or you recently made changes or additions to the files in your Defaults: directory.

Download the script here.

The small buttons at the bottom only act on Underlay tools so you can colorize them without affecting regular tools (that are selected along the Underlay once you click it). Take a look at the top of the script, you can customize the colors there as well as disable the second column of swatches in case you want to have less buttons.


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