Futurama on Acid

Via Film Critic Hulk I’ve stumbled upon “Rick and Morty“, a cartoon series that is like Futurama on acid. Or Futurama with swear words – depending on whether you want to describe the visuals or the dialogs.

The show – which currently has 11 episodes but a second season has been announced – revolves around the drunken mad scientist Rick, his grandson Morty and their adventures in various parallel dimensions. Of course it’s immediately obvious where Rick and Morty draws its inspiration from: Back to the Future, Futurama, Sliders, American Dad… But it manages to go beyond each of its predecessors. Every one of the first season’s 11 episodes is great, fast-paced and has a dark undertone.


You can watch Rick and Morty bootlegged on Youtube if you don’t have access to Cartoon Network.

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