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Twilight Making Of?

Stumbled upon this on comixed.

Reminds me of this evergreen 🙂

Chris Caliman’s Showreel

Schönes Showreel von Kameramann Chris Caliman.

Noch besser ist aber sein Making Of von der Plakatkampagne “Raus mit der Sprache”, die kürzlich in den Städten zu sehen war. Es ist stylisch und meilenweit weg von “Wir hatten noch einen am Set mit ner Kamera für’s Making Of ” 🙂


Fusion Macros Video Tutorial

I’ve finished another tutorial. Learn how to create macros and spice them up with custom controls:

Final Fantasy Stop Motion

Remember, when kids played with their action figures instead of creating an awesome 8 minute stop-motion battle sequence full of VFX?

Also, here’s a look behind the scenes.

Scripting Tutorial

I’ve recorded my very first video tutorial:

It introduces Fusion’s scripting console and describes basic commands to create and modify tools and handle file names.

Took me 3 evenings to record it and cut the 45 minutes down to 15. I hope you like it 🙂

The Final Answer to All Lens Flare Plugins

Raytracing lens-flares through a model of an actual lens. Fast enough for real-time use!

Matthias B. Hullin, Elmar Eisemann, Hans-Peter Seidel, Sungkil Lee: Physically-Based Real-Time Lens Flare Rendering. In: ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 30 (4), 2011 (Proc. SIGGRAPH).

Check out the paper here.

Hot Wheels

While I’m busy on other stuff (you know… real life), here’s a couple of videos for the boys amongst the crowd. Cars!

Listen to the driver explain the forces and speeds involved:

So… this being sponsored by Hot Wheels… is it just a fake viral video? Apparently not. There’s no entry in the Guinness Book of Records, but here’s a video from a spectator. The only “fake” part was two camera positions that made the jump look as long as possible.