MINGR Jewelry

Just before Christmas I finished an HDTV commercial for China’s largest gold, platinum and diamond manufacturer featuring Japanese-Brazilian model Akemi Katsuki.


VFX were done at Pixomondo’s Shanghai office where I had the honor to fill the positions of art director & lead compositor. Thanks to my fellow artists for the great and hard work: Simon (particle FX), Jonas (VRay), Lin Kai (modelling), Benson (digital beautification), Mael, Max, Robert and Steffi (additional compositing) as well as Andy (coordination and interpretation). Video clip coming soon.

Director: Stepby Leung
Production: Standard Work Productions
VFX: Pixomondo
Format: 1080p, 30″ – 15″ – 10″ – 7.5″ – 5″
CN 2009

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