Bildfehler update

I finally managed to update my portfolio site at with some stuff I did in the past 12 months. It’s in German but it’s got little text anyways. Check it out 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t show any imagery from my involvements on Ninja Assassin and Polanski’s Ghostwriter. Instead, there’s two new commercials, one for Mingr (posted previously on my blog) and a full CG car commercial for Infiniti:

And finally some frames from my main Shanghai project, a 10 minute motion ride for General Motor’s EXPO pavilion. It was shot on RED for the 4K horizontal resolution and featured lots of full-CG panoramas of a future version of Shanghai as well as lots of integration of greenscreen people into CG cars. I was involved in setting up the pipeline, leading an international comp team and developing the warm look of the CG scenes. Compositing was done in Nuke. It involved heavy use of projections to fit people into CG camera moves that went further and further away from what was shot. Also, mimicking real-life lens-flares was a fun task 🙂

Thanks to all people involved! One of our shading artists, Markus Graf, has posted a short reel of final as well as not-so-final scenes on YouTube:


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