Short Films

Some animated short films I stumbled upon via this blog

“Mars!” tells the tale of conquering a planet in an illustrated style. If you like it, check out this “old” music video with a similar simplistic vector-look. “Float (my electric stargirl)” by the Atomic Swindlers:

The next clip is a French animation using 2D and 3D techniques:

Although the fluid and distorted style is heavily inspired by Bill Plympton, it’s great to see such hand-drawn animation is still widespread in this age of 3D-CGI. If you have some spare time on your hands, watch Disney’s Princess and the Frog next to Ice Age. While the realism of CGI is improving rapidly it still feels dull in direct comparison. Wow, that probably makes me sound like a grumpy old guy 🙂

Anyway, one last example for mixing 3D and hand-drawn animation. Also from the French. La Main des Maîtres:


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