Compositing Tutorial Part 1

Hey, I’ve finally found the time to finish another video tutorial. Check out the new tutorial section on this site for the details. The first video is about fixing a jittery camera track in post by smoothing and tweaking the camera move. Videos are hosted on Youtube and all the footage and files are available for download.

I’d like to make this the start of a series of advanced tutorials about actual compositing problems since most stuff out there either comes with a price tag (FXPHD) or shows off stuff where the “wow”-effect is due to excellent CGI and matte paintings while the compositing part is basically just “A over B” and some roto.

There’s always a problem of showing off stuff I’ve worked on because of legal issues. So I’ll demonstrate some techniques on footage I’ve created from scratch and hereby release under a creative commons license so you can play around with it yourself.

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