Correcting Rolling Shutter in Fusion

eyeon has recently released its Dimension optical flow and stereo disparity toolset. I didn’t have a chance to test the stereo part yet, but since you can now calculate nice and crisp motion vectors, I’ve written a Fuse that can correct rolling shutter artifacts. Here’s a quick demo video:

You can get real-time performance on your GPU using OpenCL and as usual I’ve licensed my source code BSD-style if you want to tinker with it.

I haven’t had enough footage from different cameras to test the plugin thoroughly (just my iPhone and a Canon 5D Mark II). I also haven’t tested any other motion vector generators except for Dimension. Maybe Twixtor works as well, we’ll see…

Updated 2012-10-09: supports the rolling shutter method used by Syntheyes (center scanline is fixed)

Download the plugin here: RollingShutter_v1_6.Fuse or head over to Vfxpedia.
Photo credits for icon: CC-BY Nayu Kim

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  • RockKenny says:

    Very cool!
    What do export from OpticalFlow?

  • Stefan says:

    I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. All you need is the OpticalFlow tool from the Dimension toolset, which will calculate the Vector and BackVector aux channels. To pre-render (since it’s slow) save an exr sequence. It will automatically save these channels for you.

  • RockKenny says:

    Thank you!
    Despite the fact that you do not understand my question, you answered it)