Go See Cabin In The Woods

I think “Movie Bob” called it the best thing you’re gonna see this summer, and I think he was right. After having watched hyped blockbusters like Batman and Prometheus with a bitter taste in my mouth I was delighted to actually enjoy a movie all the way.

“Cabin in the Woods” is kinda hard to describe without spoiling anything. So I won’t. From the very first scene it’s clear that the movie is a mix of genres. Never since “Scream” have I seen a horror movie that takes such a fresh and hilarious take on the familiar “a group of attractive students gets killed in the woods” story. I enjoyed the fact that most of the time the movie looked like a good old 80’s flick with makeup effects instead of CGI.

Here’s the trailer (can’t be embedded, sorry)

9/10 (the “must-see” level)

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