Ninjas In The Sock Drawer

Corridor Digital have done it again: Awesome dubstep video – slash – VFX demo. And it’s got KITTENS!

AFAIK they’re still doing it all with AfterEffects. But camera angles of life action and green screen plates and lighting demonstrate that they’re really putting in a lot of thoughts into their videos before they start shooting.

That’s better than what I usually have to handle on German mainstream movies where directors and DOPs are stuck in the 90’s when it comes to pre-production planning of VFX (“Storyboards? Animatics? Blocking? Nah, we’ll just roll the camera in any way we like and you guys will figure it out later. It’s greenscreen after all, I could do it on my Avid! Hey, why doesn’t it look like Harry Potter? Sure we’ve only paid you 1% of its budget, but that movie was like a decade ago.”)


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