Before VFX

With the vfx industry being shaken by high-profile post houses closing doors or filing for chapter 11 and Oscar winning directors being oblivious of the effort that went into their movie’s VFX, here’s a nice Tumblr of movie stills before vfx have been added. I’ve taken two of those images and went looking for trailers and promo pictures that showed the final scene as best as possible:

Alice in Wonderland Promotional Image

But even with such a comparison, one can hardly describe the amount of work, changes and revisions that went on in between. VFX isn’t like building a car where there’s a clear blueprint on how many wheels there should be and how many revolutions the engine needs to perform.

When a director thinks that VFX should be cheaper than they already are, he should have an assistant read to him the feedback he gave vfx artists who worked on his shots over the course of a year and imagine himself talking like this to his car dealer, barber or chef 🙂

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