Roger Ebert has died

I’ve just read this on MovieBob’s blog.


Sad story. I’ve read Ebert’s Journal a lot, mainly because he had a really great style of writing when he ripped apart bad movies.


I’ve read Ebert’s wikipedia page. Reading about his recurring cancer treatments is tough stuff and it’s touching to see how he kept doing what he loved (reviewing movies) even though he had to use a speech synthesizer for the past few years. It’s also uplifting to read some of his past blog posts (especially the latest one which is dated one day before his death) that radiate so much appreciation for other peoples work, art and nature.

Wikipedia has this quote from him:

I was perfectly content before I was born, and I think of death as the same state.

This is something I’ve also heard people like Richard Dawkins say. It’s a nicely worded atheistic viewpoint. But I think it’s probably also one that requires a great deal of courage the closer you get.

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