Motion Control

Bot & Dolly is a San Francisco-based company that offers robots for motion controlled cameras. This mind-boggling video installation – where computer animation is being projected onto two large panels – shows off their hardware.

I’m guessing everything in this video relies on their robots: not only the screens but also the camera – despite its hand-held feeling – is probably motion controlled. In that case, all positions in 3D space would be known and video projections could be pre-rendered to match the camera’s point of view. It would be nice to see a making-of though. Did they use robots to control the projectors as well or are they stationary? Or is everything being rendered in real-time?

Anyway, what an amazing mix of analog and digital.

And speaking of motion control, here’s the other famous robot in the VFX business: Spike, a high-speed robot coupled with a high-speed camera.

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