Working at Various VFX Companies

I’ve recently been working on a full-cg piece for Porsche’s 918 Spyder hybrid car (don’t think about bying one though, because all 918 models have already been sold out).

Comp lead was Julian Schädler and I’d like to link to his blog here because he has written about his work experience for a bunch of VFX companies:

MPC London
Mackevision (Stuttgart)
Pixomondo (Stuttgart)

With the last one, there’s a lot of shit hitting the fan right now regarding their payment practices. Freelancers who are still owed money are venting their anger on Facebook.


Found out about the site, which aims to be a way for freelancers to anonymously rate employers in the vfx industry. They are apparently eager to make this a constructive site instead of an arena for ranting and libel. So far the response seems to be a bit limited. For example, Scott Squires pointed to the site numerous times on twitter after bad business and payment practices have been made public, yet few ratings have seemed to trickle in at thevfxwatchers.

I hope that this site picks up some steam, and that it becomes a site that recommends places with good working conditions, sound production planning and staff that knows how to treat workers well and sail the rough waters of vfx business relations. After all, gratification is more effective than punishment when training dogs. Maybe it works for businesses as well 🙂

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