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Short animation by Patrick Jean and the French VFX studio “One More Production“:

The idea is not that new, for example there has been a Röyksopp music video (“Happy Up Here”) featuring space invaders a while ago. But the compositing on “Pixels” is really nice and there are a lot of great ideas from arcade-style start to finish.

(via “No Fat Clips“)


Adobe demonstrates a future Photoshop feature called “Content-Aware Fill” that is the healing brush on crack. It’ll “extrapolate” image patterns to remove unwanted elements or extend landscapes.

Looks pretty amazing in this youtube video:

It’s probably based on some Siggraph paper. For example, the content-aware-resizing that Photoshop has since CS4 was also demoed at Siggraph first:

The algorithms that are currently developed in this field are simply amazing. Here’s the one that will put me out of work in a few years: automatic image composition based on a simple doodle:

Sketch2Photo: Internet Image Montage from Tao Chen on Vimeo.

Or this one on image stabilisation:

And finally this all-time favourite from 2007 (!) that apparently still hasn’t made it into a commercial product: An algorithm that seamlessly inserts high-resolution photos into a low-resolution video. Or removes unwanted elements. Or removes reflections. Or seamlessly changes what was behind those reflections.

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.


Sometimes an advertising idea is pure genius. The kind of “that’s so cool and easy, why didn’t anybody think of this before?”. Like this German telecom commercial with a tilt/shift lens.

And then you find out that indeed somebody thought about it first and that the ad is at worst a rip-off and at best a commissioned piece of work. But pretty to look at nevertheless!

Here’s a piece of an Australian photographer who utilized that look on a number of clips:

Shanghai Photos 9

Urgent Exit

Urgent Exit. Forbidden use if not in urgent situation. Duh 🙂

Cat and Mouse

A cat in front of a hairdresser’s shop. And since this is almost breaking my vow of not posting photos of cats on my blog, I’ll make up for it by adding a gross picture of a mouse that was caught on a sticky mouse trap.

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