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Russian Wall-E Case Mod

This is one of the nicest computer cases that have ever been built 🙂 Click for more images.

WALL-E casemod

This should go together well with the steampunk keyboard:

Steampunk Keyboard


Free Greenscreen and Tracking Plates

VFX Supervisor Scott Squires’ blog “Effects Corner” links to some nice and freely available greenscreen footage from Hollywood Camera Works. I’m probably the last guy to discover these, but nevertheless the plates are a great training resource. Each shot has some notes about possible keying and matchmoving problems.

And by the way, Scott also has some great articles on various areas of VFX like pre-production, workflow and shot breakdowns.

Inside Nature’s Giants

And now for something completely unrelated to visual effects or far-eastern megacities:

I’ve always loved well-made TV documentaries, you know, the ones before it was necessary to do MTV-style editing and swoooosh-booom-bang-sound effects for everything just to keep young viewers from zapping away.

Youtube hosts Channel 4’s excellent series “Inside Nature’s Giants”, where they show real dissections of some of the animal kingdom’s largest species. It’s a bit bloody, but WOW, it’s a million times better than all those Star Trek Holodeck-CGI-stuff that’s usually put into animal documentaries (yes, even this show has it).

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