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Python & Fusion Video Tutorial

I’ve finished another video tutorial for Fusion. It covers Python scripting and takes a look at the object oriented model of controlling Fusion’s tools, querying their attributes and setting keyframes.

Download the script that’s shown in the video.

Vertical Alignment

I’ve finished another quick video tutorial, this one is about vertical alignment in stereo shots. It’s done with Fusion but this technique requires no plugins and can even be done in Photoshop 🙂

I have enabled Youtube’s automatic transcript just for the fun of it. It used speech recognition and it’s funny how some phrases are transcribed perfectly despite my German accent while others are jibberish. You can download the subtitle file though and it only takes a few minutes to edit the transcript and re-upload it again.

So enjoy the English captions on this tutorial! Here are some funny phrases that Google’s voice recognition software had produced initially:

as you probably know there are lots of things that can give the bureaucratic when it comes to stereoscopic footage

the most important one is spiritual alignment

the monogram version wants it

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aisle to key while driving the mention of your porch

now zoom back into the top left corner and adjust the anglo french haitian

using the cursor keys left and right then
you can get justice in smaller steps

You tell 'em, Sly!

Multiple Camera Projections in Fusion

Made another video tutorial about combining projections from multiple cameras. Enjoy 🙂

Also, check out my script to quickly align image planes to points in a point cloud and my latest tutorial about camera projection workflows.

Compositing Tutorial Part 1

Hey, I’ve finally found the time to finish another video tutorial. Check out the new tutorial section on this site for the details. The first video is about fixing a jittery camera track in post by smoothing and tweaking the camera move. Videos are hosted on Youtube and all the footage and files are available for download.

I’d like to make this the start of a series of advanced tutorials about actual compositing problems since most stuff out there either comes with a price tag (FXPHD) or shows off stuff where the “wow”-effect is due to excellent CGI and matte paintings while the compositing part is basically just “A over B” and some roto.

There’s always a problem of showing off stuff I’ve worked on because of legal issues. So I’ll demonstrate some techniques on footage I’ve created from scratch and hereby release under a creative commons license so you can play around with it yourself.

Fusion Macros Video Tutorial

I’ve finished another tutorial. Learn how to create macros and spice them up with custom controls:

Scripting Tutorial

I’ve recorded my very first video tutorial:

It introduces Fusion’s scripting console and describes basic commands to create and modify tools and handle file names.

Took me 3 evenings to record it and cut the 45 minutes down to 15. I hope you like it 🙂