Lightning for Fusion

I’ve finally finished the lightning plugin for Fusion. It’s based on ActionScript code by Dan Florio. I don’t provide GUI controls for all variables though to keep things simple but there are some additions to make the plugin more useful for VFX shots.

For example, you can animate the lightning in a looping “wiggle” or crawling motion in addition to just randomizing the whole shape. Also, the direction of the lightning’s branches is biased towards the target point.

Download Lightning_v1_1.Fuse here or head over to Vfxpedia.

Here’s a short clip of what it looks like:


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  • polyGeek says:

    Hey Stefan, Nicely done. Good timing to because last night I was just thinking about redoing Lightning for Away3D. I’ll probably start working on it here in a few days. Stay tuned. And let me know if you have anything else for me to check out. I love looking at stuff like this.