Mega Python vs Gatoroid

From the makers of Mega Piranha – a movie so bad it’s good – comes Mega Python vs Gatoroid. And this time, they have rushed past the mark and have produced a film so bad it stinks. Of course, there’s some laughs here and there. But the vfx are a step back from Mega Piranha and the sudden location jumps (inside car: city highway – cut to wide angle – we’re in the Everglades) and the bad dialogue become unbearable. It’s apparent that the filmmakers didn’t care anymore halfway through the film.

Mega Piranha’s idiotic plot at least was fast-paced and focused on the monsters getting bigger and bigger in every scene. It didn’t get side-tracked by pie fights between two actresses. It didn’t contain a musical montage with a Euro-dance song. It didn’t give the main character lines like “We’re feeding steroids to crocodiles. What could possibly go wrong?”.


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