Cloud Atlas For The Win!

I’ve recently watched Cloud Atlas. Man, that movie makes up for all the shitty blockbusters I’ve endured this year.

You know that phrase that is usually attached to novels adapted for the big screen?

“Yeah, the movie’s OK but the novel of course goes deeper, they had to leave out lots of stuff for the adaptation”.

Well, without having read the novel, “Cloud Atlas” felt to me like what an adaptation of a plot which spans centuries needs to look like but almost never can. And it’s rich enough to watch it a second time to take note of the finer details and motives of each character. On the other hand, the movie’s central theme isn’t hidden or complicated at all so there’s no “why… what the f…?” feeling like in Prometheus.

I’m aware that any movie-going experience is highly subjective. So I’m just glad that the movie totally worked for me in keeping me entertained, emotionally involved and impressed by its ideas. In my opinion, “Cloud Atlas” demonstrates what the movie medium can achieve in storytelling and editing when most blockbusters are just pushing the envelope in VFX photorealism. Nevertheless, “Cloud Atlas” is chock full of VFX.

A bunch of German VFX houses have worked on it, including RiseFX (Berlin) as well as Trixter and Scanline (Munich). Although I’m sure none of them could have shouldered the amount of shots that the main vendor (Method) did, I think it shows that there’s a great amount of talent on the old continent 🙂

10/10 (the “this is one of those few movies I’ll never forget” level)

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