Smoothing a Shaky Camera Move in Fusion

Inspired by the Shake “SmoothCam” tool or F_Steadiness in Nuke I’ve written a plugin for Fusion that allows you to automatically smooth or stabilize a shaky camera move. Fortunately I had found a public domain program by a Finn called Jarno Elonen that determines an image’s transformation (scale, translation, rotation) based on a variable number of points. Without knowing anything about “reduced echelon matrices“, “least square fitting” or the “Gauss-Jordan Elimination” (those Wikipedia pages give me the creeps!) I managed to translate the code to LUA and it worked perfectly.

The secret is to interpolate the motion vector image down to as little as 2×2 values. These can then be fed as points to the algorithm. Even my naive approach of using a garbage matte to simply zero vectors that have distracting motion seems to work.

There’s also a video on YouTube about it as well. It’s a demo of my beta version that has an outdated interface but the way of using the Fuse is mostly still the same.

I don’t know how robust it is to various kinds of shaky, jittery, wobbly footage and some GUI decisions might seem odd. But on more than one occasion I was limited by what Fuses can currently do. Still, I think it works well enough to publish it to the Fusion community.

Download the plugin here: SmoothCam_v1_0.Fuse or read the manual on Vfxpedia. Photo credits for icon: CC-BY Nayu Kim


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